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Settlement reached in crane crash wrongful death suit

A settlement has been reached between the family of a 30-year old Burlington Co., New Jersey man killed in a crane incident and the construction company that owned the crane for $1 million. The man was killed in an April 2012 accident at a Manhattan construction site when the 170-foot tall crane collapsed. The wrongful death suit alleged that the company did not properly inspect the crane and make sure that it was safe for use. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) backed up the lawsuit's allegations when it inspected the company's crane, and determined that it had not done the required inspections on it and issued the company 10 violations and $68,000 in fines. The company disputed OSHA's findings. The man's family was upset that the company did not admit wrongdoing.

Two bars sued in beating death of man hailing a taxi

The community as a whole relies on bars and other places where alcohol is sold or consumed in New Jersey to carefully check to ensure patrons are of the legal drinking age and that they are not already intoxicated. The failure to do so could lead to lawsuit.

Estate of Ballerina killed in DUI crash files wrongful death suit

Recently, the estate of a 22-year-old aspiring ballerina killed in a DUI accident filed a wrongful death suit against the responsible driver and two Philadelphia bars that allegedly served him alcohol. The ballerina was originally from Bulgaria, and was a third-year student at the Rock School for Dance Education.

Family of ATV crash victim files suit against driver and bar

The family of a 20-year old Hackettstown, New Jersey woman killed in an ATV crash caused by a drunk driver has filed a wrongful death suit against both the driver and the bar that served him alcohol before the crash. The wrongful death suit alleges that the bar continued to serve the man alcohol despite visible signs of intoxication. The suit also alleges that the driver, a 24-year old man who was dating the victim, operated the ATV negligently by having a blood alcohol level more than three times New Jersey's legal limit. The crash happened when the man lost control of an ATV after he and the victim had been drinking at the bar, causing both to be thrown from the vehicle. The woman was found near a tree and a large rock, and died from her injuries shortly thereafter. The family is seeking an unspecified amount of damages for pain and suffering.

Moldy lottery tickets cause workers' compensation claims

Recently, two New Jersey Lottery employees filed worker's compensation claims alleging to have been sickened by moldy lottery tickets damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The employees' workers' compensation claim states that they were exposed to over 400,000 moldy lottery tickets for a period of six months at the New Jersey state lottery headquarters in Lawrence and were sickened after they were asked to audit the tickets by their supervisor.

Families of accident victims lose wrongful death hearing

Recently, the families of two victims of a fatal car accident in Mannington, New Jersey, lost a wrongful death case against the county in an arbitration hearing. The wrongful death claims stem from a 2011 incident in which a 21-year-old woman and a 22-year-old woman were killed when their car skidded on an icy road and crashed into a tree. Both women were pronounced dead at the scene.

New Jersey parents sue volunteer cops in wrongful death suit

The parents of a 31-year old Garfield, New Jersey man who was killed in a crash while being chased by a pair of volunteer police officers recently filed a $30 million lawsuit against the city of Paterson, New Jersey and its police department. The wrongful death suit stems from an April, 2012 incident in which the man was allegedly chased by two auxiliary police officers as he rode his motorcycle through Paterson. The volunteer officers gave chase despite the fact that they did not have the authority to conduct traffic stops and were only allowed to direct traffic and control crowds.

Dentistry board pushes for malpractice charges against dentist

As many New Jersey residents are aware, a dentist's behavior in the United States recently has allegedly caused substantial harm to a number of his patients. Specifically, over 1,000 of this dentist's 7,000 patients in Tulsa, Oklahoma have tested positive for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV. On top of potential criminal charges, the man could also be facing a number of civil suits alleging medical malpractice.

Wrongful Death suit filed over deadly freight train accident

Recently, the families of two victims of a freight-train accident that spilled toxic chemicals in Paulsboro, New Jersey have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the railroad company for negligently allowing the train to be derailed and spill dangerous chemicals near the plaintiffs' homes. The wrongful death suit stems from a November 2012 incident where four train tankers loaded with dangerous chemicals such as vinyl chloride derailed off of a bridge, spilling the chemicals into the waterway.

Two-car crash on New Jersey highway shuts down lanes

Recently, a collision between two cars on the Route 80 East in Parsippany, New Jersey, resulted in two lanes of the highway being shut down. It is unclear at this time how the car accident occurred. However, one motorist was rushed to the hospital with injuries, although it is unknown at this time how extensive the injuries are. The auto accident shut down two lanes for several hours before the road was cleared of the wreckage and normal traffic resumed.

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