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Your options when health care professionals fail you

In early September, we wrote about the importance of understanding brain injury symptoms. If you don't know that something could be an indication you need to seek treatment, you might not see a doctor in time to ensure the best possible outcome with an issue. This is true for brain injuries and any other health issue.

What are vaccination errors?

Vaccination errors are considered to be any event associated with vaccination processes that was both preventable and has the possibility to lead to patient harm. Types of errors include incorrect injection practices, inappropriate dosages or incorrect storage of vaccine products.

Caregivers can help prevent medical errors

Medical errors do happen, and they can be devastating for both victims and their families. When patients can't speak up for themselves or are unable to keep up with things such as medication and information from day to day, more opportunities for errors may be present. Caregivers and families with elderly loved ones can take some steps to reduce the chance of such errors.

Some common medical errors

Medical malpractice lawsuits don't need to show that a doctor or health care provider was purposeful or malicious in his or her mistake. Injuries occur due to medical mistakes even when good doctors and nurses are handling cases. Medical workers are human, which means they don't always perform to perfection. However, when an injury causes damages to a patient, that patient has a right to seek compensation.

Should I take a settlement?

Filing a lawsuit against a doctor or health care facility can be especially intimidating because the defendants are often corporations who have a dedicated legal team to handle accusations of medical malpractice. However, this should not discourage victims from pursuing legal recourse. Instead, it should demonstrate the importance of hiring your own legal counsel who can use their resources to protect your rights and interests.

Discrepancies and mistakes: radiology errors

While the vast majority of patients treated in both inpatient and outpatient settings in New Jersey and across the country receive appropriate and timely care, medical treatments are provided by people and people can make mistakes. When discussing medical malpractice, most people think of clinical errors such as misdiagnoses or surgical errors. Another area where a mistake can be made is in radiology.

What constitutes medical malpractice?

While it would be wonderful for all medical treatments and procedures to go exactly as planned, the medical world is fueled by people, and people do make mistakes. In some cases, treatment doesn't turn out as hoped even though no mistake is made. Given these truths, how do you know when you might have the basis for a medical malpractice suit?

Protecting victims of medical malpractice in New Jersey

Health care professionals are charged with certain performance standards within their fields of expertise. Most of us understand that any medical procedure or treatment has a certain degree of risk involved. But we believe patients are entitled to expect the provider's care to be the best possible. Unfortunately, sometimes that trust has been misplaced. Preventable injuries do sometimes happen because someone somewhere along the treatment line committed medical malpractice.

Do you have a right to your medical records in New Jersey?

The New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners establishes regulations and handles physician licensing and disciplinary actions. Under its provisions, New Jersey patients have a right to receive a copy of their medical records from any physician or medical facility. This can be of particular import if there is a question of medical malpractice regarding treatment. It is also relevant for transferring care to a different doctor, travel emergencies or questions about information accuracy.

Medical malpractice payouts show increase in 2013

In a review of 2013 medical malpractice payouts for the country, Diederich Healthcare notes that payouts increased overall for the first time since 2003. The statistics also included information about the top states for medical malpractice settlements and payouts for the year, and New Jersey was among the top five states.

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