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Man who suffered brain injury rides bike across country

In 2010, a New Jersey man was involved in a work-related accident that caused a traumatic brain injury. The man fell from a telephone pole while he was conducting cable company work. The fall was from 20 feet up. Initially, medical responders did not believe the man would survive.

Helmets and sports – Summer Safety Week in New Jersey

State consumer protection organizations, county and municipal offices and other governmental agencies are commemorating the state's safety week with tips and suggestions designed to assist residents in recognizing ways to prevent injuries. Because brain injuries are some of the most difficult to treat, and recovery isn't quick, their focus on helmet use is particularly useful.

Mild traumatic brain injury: Seeking compensation

Experiencing any forceful contact to the head that disrupts natural functions is the commonly accepted definition of traumatic brain injury. It's often referred to as a TBI. On occasion, a brain injury is the result of an illness or stroke, but they are known as acquired brain injuries. When a TBI is the result of an accident, especially if it is caused by someone's negligence or carelessness, the victim may attempt to get compensation for the injury through insurance claims or a lawsuit.

Planning for financial recovery after brain injury is critical

People who suffer traumatic brain injuries and the families who love them are devastated by the personal injury. It doesn't matter what the circumstances were that caused the harm when one drills down to what it will likely take to recover and move on. Out of fear, victims and loved ones might accept a settlement that sounds like a huge amount of money. We caution anyone involved in these circumstances to step back and, with the advice of an experienced legal advocate, think carefully about the myriad issues that may apply to the family in the future.

Brain injury victims need special legal help

Some of the most difficult personal injury cases that legal teams work on deal with injuries affecting a victim's brain. The injury can be the result of a horrific car accident or a simple slip and fall on someone's property. Sometimes, the injury doesn't surface immediately. Other times, intensive medical care is an immediate need. Whatever the circumstances of the accident are doesn't really matter to the victims. Recovery does.

What is a traumatic brain injury?

It is one of the most devastating injuries New Jersey residents can suffer: traumatic brain injury. It's also a serious public health problem all across the country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains a TBI is caused by a jolt, bump or blow to the head. It can also be the result of an intrusive injury that disrupts brain function.

What are some results of brain injury?

Brain injury can occur because of a variety of issues, including injuries at birth, traumatic car or other accidents or recurring sports injuries. Even seemingly small injuries may lead to brain injuries, and the results of such injuries can range from minor inconveniences to major disabilities.

Understanding the symptoms of brain injury

Brain injury can occur after a number of events, including traumatic births, sports injuries and car accidents. The symptoms of brain injury aren't always apparent immediately after an accident, and mild brain injury cases can even present like other diseases or problems. Understanding the symptoms of brain injury can help individuals who are injured in New Jersey make educated choices about things such as seeking legal assistance with possible compensation claims.

What is traumatic brain injury and what causes it?

Sports injuries, car accidents, falls, bicycle and skateboarding injuries and major bumps to the head are all injuries that can lead to traumatic brain injury. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, traumatic brain injury is caused by a sudden trauma that causes damage to brain matter. A sudden and violent hit to the skull can cause the damage, but so can an injury that pierces the skull and allows an object to injure the brain's soft tissue.

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