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Posts tagged "Products Liability"

Design defects and products liability claims

Before a New Jersey resident starts a new project, they may first make a plan to outline the work that they will have to do. As they plan, they may consider what materials they will need and what design they will follow for their project. They may weigh different options for how to accomplish their goals and to create the project that they need.

Recreational vehicles recalled due to defective throttle pedal

Off-road vehicles are a fun way to explore the great outdoors. Burlington County owners of recreational vehicles naturally expect that the vehicle will operate the way it is supposed to. However, that does not always happen, as shown by a recent recall.

Roundup products liability cases hinge on specific cause

The herbicide Roundup is commonly used on lawns and on farms in Burlington County and nationwide to kill weeds. However, not all are convinced that the weedkiller is safe. In an August 2019 lawsuit, a groundskeeper who was exposed to Roundup and subsequently suffered from cancer was awarded approximately $300 million in damages from Monsanto, the company that manufactures Roundup. And, in a more recent federal lawsuit, a jury determined that Roundup played a substantial role in the cancer of a 70-year-old man who had used the product for many years.

Manufacturers may be responsible for unsafe chicken products

Chicken is often touted as a healthy source of lean protein. In fact, 96 percent of Americans reportedly consume chicken, and over 50 percent of these people consume chicken several times weekly. However, many people in Burlington County may have noted that there have been numerous incidents as of late of chicken products being recalled. In fact, the Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) reports that there have been eight incidents in the first six weeks of 2019 in which a company voluntarily recalled their chicken products.

Beef manufacturer issues recall after salmonella outbreak

Many people in Burlington County enjoy a good hamburger or steak dinner. We might take for granted that the food we consume is safe to eat. However, food products can be contaminated during the manufacturing process, causing some people to suffer a serious illness after eating them.

Keyless cars create CO concerns in New Jersey

Although keyless ignitions are incredibly convenient and increasingly commonplace - more than half of all new vehicles are delivered with them as standard equipment - this equipment has come under increased scrutiny of late. The reason residents of Burlington County - and other car owners across the country - are concerned is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from keyless vehicles that have not turned off. This peril has been at the center of several personal injury and products liability lawsuits.

Recent aircraft defects cause for concern in New Jersey

A recent cluster of aircraft failures, including an emergency landing due to a broken window on a Southwest Airlines jetliner en route to Newark, have brought aircraft defects back into the national spotlight. In New Jersey, the law requires manufacturers to design aircraft with these risks in mind to avoid aviation accidents. Legal responsibility for failed products, like aircraft, is known as products liability.

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