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Hit and run accidents can result in serious injuries

When a negligent or reckless party strikes their victim or their victim's vehicle and then drives away without rendering help or offering assistance, this is considered a hit-and-run. Pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists and drivers of standard vehicles can all suffer harm when this type of car accident occurs. When accidents of this nature happen in New Jersey, individuals may wish to seek legal counsel to get help with their legal claims.

Drunk driving crashes are an issue, especially in summer

Memorial Day may be considered the unofficial start of the summer season for many in Burlington County. Between now and Labor Day, people will enjoy the beach, weddings, block parties, outdoor concerts and other fun occasions. It is not unusual for people to enjoy a bottle of beer or glass of wine while at summertime celebrations. However, some people take drinking too far and will engage in drunk driving.

How big is the distracted driving problem in New Jersey?

Multi-tasking may be great in the workplace or at home but trying to multi-task while behind the wheel is a recipe for disaster. Motorists in Burlington County may think they can text while driving, eat or groom themselves while driving, or even converse with other passengers in the vehicle without compromising the safety of themselves and others. However, any of these actions can distract a driver, causing the driver to cause a car accident.

Who is responsible when an accident happens in inclement weather?

New Jersey is a great place to live, but anyone who has toughed it out through the winter in Burlington County knows that the weather can get very serious. When temperatures dip and the winds pick up, drivers can be subjected to significant threats from ice, snow, and slush as precipitation accumulates on the roads. The presence of these substances can make driving treacherous and can lead to more accidents between local drivers.

New Jersey's Sara's Law protects those seriously injured in crashes

It takes about an hour and a half to drive northeast of Burlington County to Sayreville. The city on the Raritan River was home to Sara Dubinin. New Jersey's Next-of-Kin Registry was named for the teen when it was signed into law by former Gov. Chris Christie.

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