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What symptoms are associated with brain injuries?

A brain injury can be a serious medical condition. Although this post will provide its readers with general information about brain injuries and their related symptoms, the contents of this post should not be interpreted as legal or medical advice. New Jersey residents who are involved in accidents and who have suffered brain injuries should consult with the appropriate professionals to have their health and legal rights protected.

What is a traumatic brain injury?

Individuals who follow the news may be aware that over the last several years, the brains of many former deceased National Football League players have been tested for a condition called chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Also known as CTE, this condition is caused by repeated head trauma and may result in serious health problems for sufferers before their deaths. Because of the nature of their work, football players are exposed to repeated head trauma, and despite the use of helmets in sanctioned NFL games, many still develop the sometimes deadly and often devastating condition.

Symptoms of brain injuries could include mental health issues

Sometimes a person in Burlington County who is involved in a car accident will suffer a concussion. This type of brain injury might initially be written off as being not too serious. However, research has shown that not only do concussions cause physical damage, but they could also cause long-lasting harm to a victim's mental health.

$35 million awarded by NFL to fund brain injury research

The National Football League has come under scrutiny in the last decade based on the prevalence of brain injuries befalling their players and retired players. It has come to the attention of the NFL that brain injury was often previously misdiagnosed, or undiagnosed entirely, putting players at an unnecessary risk of long-term brain injury. Strides have been taken by the NFL with concussion protocol and other measures, like changes to the game in hopes of reducing the instances of brain injury.

Brain injuries are not unique to specific types of accidents

There are certain types of injuries that may exclusively be experienced in certain contexts or during certain events. For example, a New Jersey resident will only suffer a bite injury when they are attacked by a dog or other animal, and they will only experience hyperthermia when they are exposed to extreme heat. However, broken bones, bruises, and other more common types of injuries can happen in many different ways, such as from falls, trips and motor vehicle accidents.

Long-term consequences of a traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can happen from any number of events. A New Jersey resident may suffer one during a car accident or they may fall victim to this devastating form of injury when they slip and hurt themselves on a wet floor. No matter how a victim suffers their TBI it is important that they understand and recognize the lasting effects their injury may have on them.

Fighting for your rights after a traumatic brain injury

There are few injuries that are more severe than a head trauma. Such an injury does not only cause pain and suffering, but it can also alter a person's life completely. An injury to the brain can impact a person's ability to move their body, manage their memories, learn and even speak. That being said, a person suffering from a brain injury could be a completely following an accident that caused injury to their brain.

The perils of brain injury

In New Jersey, accidents that result in death often involve a brain injury. Brain injuries come in myriad forms and can be caused in any number of ways, from trauma to lack of oxygen. Some injuries may be obvious, while others may not present themselves for days or even weeks. One thing that all brain injury has in common, though, is the potential to damage a victim's life.

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