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Two die, 4 injured in New Jersey crash; driver charged

Reflecting on a collision that killed two and injured four, including the driver, a New Jersey State Police sergeant commented that not only were the victims not wearing seatbelts, but allowing an unrestrained 4-year-old to ride in the front seat of a pickup truck was a violation of the law. The car crash on the Atlantic City Expressway in June caused the deaths of two passengers in the cab of a pick-up truck and injured three passengers riding in the bed. The driver was also injured. All were ejected on impact.

Fatal car accident in New Jersey

Losing a loved one is tough on families, regardless of the situation. When families receive an out-of-blue phone call letting them know a loved one has been injured or killed in a car accident, shock joins grief, and it can be hard to move forward with immediate arrangements. In some cases, dependents and others are left not knowing how they may move forward with life, especially when it comes to finances.

Fatal New Jersey car accident leaves 1 dead, several injured

It's likely no scenario frightens New Jersey parents more than the sudden loss of a child. When a child is killed in a car accident, families are likely to be in shock over the event. The same holds true for families who lose a loved one of any age. Even if the individual is only injured in an accident, medical bills and requirements can impact the overall function of a family for some time.

New Jersey car accident involving school bus injures 5

New Jersey school bus accidents can be especially difficult to hear about. A recent car accident involving a school bus and another vehicle left four injured, according to police. Two adults and a teen in the school bus were transported to local hospitals, although authorities said their injuries were not critical.

New Jersey vehicle accident leads to injuries for ten people

New Jersey residents often travel in groups for school, church or business functions. Often, the trips are full of social activity and excitement, and many people don't give much thought to the chance of a car accident. For a small church group returning home from an event, a tired driver and a momentary loss of vehicle control resulted in an accident and multiple injuries.

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