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Car accident investigation reveals off-duty policemen was drunk

Just about every day there are news reports that contain details of a car wreck on New Jersey roads. Some involve serious injuries, extensive damage and much liability for the driver at fault. Victims in these car crashes might be able to aid their recoveries by pursuing compensation for losses. If a fatality is involved, accountability as well as financial payment is often important to families.

What are some product liability defenses and guidelines?

New Jersey law provides an opportunity for an individual or family who suffered injuries because of a defective or dangerous product to recover damages against the manufacturer or supplier. These claims can be based on, among other things, harmful drugs, unsafe vehicles and items made dangerous by design flaws or defects. People who are injured because of these issues may seek compensation to help them recover. Lawsuits and publicity can also successfully protect others or effect a change in the product.

Some important facts about car accidents

Did you know that each year Americans spend more than 1 million days seeking medical care because of vehicle crash injuries? Based on Centers for Disease Control data, more than 2.5 million of people visited an emergency department in 2012 because they were involved in a car accident. About 200,000 were hospitalized. More than 75 percent of costs were paid during the first 18 months after crash injuries happened. The data shows $18 billion in lifetime medical costs relating to accidents that year.

Car accidents, recovery and compensation in New Jersey

Car and other motor vehicle wrecks happen at any time of year. But in the winter, folks are particularly susceptible to them with snowy roads, black ice, poorer visibility and other factors relating to the cold weather. The New Jersey Department of Transportation records show that there were 12,626 crashes in Burlington County in 2013. That's a lot of accidents. Across the state for that year, 4,267 collisions are attributable to snowy or icy road conditions.

Understanding products liability in New Jersey

Consumers are entitled to safety in their homes, cars, workplaces and recreational areas unless warned otherwise. They should be able to trust the medicines they take, the food they eat and the products they use will not cause harm other than what is clearly suggested as possible. When something does go wrong and an injury results, it becomes a matter of products liability.

Apple recall illustrates product liability delay dangers

A recent news story is an unfortunate follow-up to our post about product recalls. It involves food – one of the most difficult situations to deal with thanks to the worldwide supply of present day. New Jersey supermarkets provide countless items grown and shipped from across the country and around the world. Tracking a dangerous product is time-consuming and likely an inexact process.

Medical malpractice payouts show increase in 2013

In a review of 2013 medical malpractice payouts for the country, Diederich Healthcare notes that payouts increased overall for the first time since 2003. The statistics also included information about the top states for medical malpractice settlements and payouts for the year, and New Jersey was among the top five states.

Dangerous products – Is the recall too little, too late?

There are agencies and procedures in place to safeguard the public through information and recalls. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, for example, recalls products every year that fit the criteria of posing an unreasonable risk. The Commission reports deaths, injuries and property damage from consumer product incidents total about $1 trillion annually.

Burlington County injury crash statistics

Information released by the New Jersey Department of Transportation regarding injury crash statistics offers some positive outlook for drivers in Burlington County. Injury crash statistics refer to motor vehicle accidents that involve some type of injury.

Home and car accidents: Others may disregard your child’s risk

Most moms and dads are careful drivers, especially when their children are riding in the car, too. New Jersey, as in other states, has specific safety rules and guidelines that apply to drivers and passengers. They are especially stringent regarding children. Accident injury risk, however, apparently increases when children are away from their parents. It's likely not an intentional action or inaction that might cause the problem. Rather, a recent survey has found a less diligent approach to safety might be to blame.

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