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What constitutes a surgical mistake?

One of the reasons that New Jersey residents trust the opinions of their doctors is because medical professionals are held to a high level of professional training. After four years of medical school, most doctors go through multi-year residencies where they learn the specific skills and practices of the concentration in medicine that they will focus on. Some will go on to complete fellowships, internships and other skill-focused opportunities so that they are experts in their chosen fields of practice.

What is a differential diagnosis?

Going to the doctor can be a stressful event for a New Jersey resident, even if they do not believe that their health is significantly compromised. They may be asked to submit to a battery of tests and may find the waiting for results to be both painful and unnerving. In the end, a patient may emerge from their doctor's office with a new diagnosis and treatment plan that will hopefully alleviate their pain and suffering.

Review your records for potential acts of medical malpractice

Some people in Burlington County may think that now that many physicians and medical centers have moved to electronic record-keeping, that mistakes are rarely made, even if a patient moves from the care of one physician to another one. However, just because technology in record-keeping is advancing doesn't mean mistakes won't be made.

More accountability is needed from health care professionals

Unfortunately, medical mistakes are not rare in New Jersey. One report indicates that approximately 30 percent of medical malpractice filings are based on a diagnostic error. Another source reports that in 2017, 95 surgical procedures were performed on the incorrect patient, on the incorrect part of the body or were the wrong procedure entirely.

A missed diagnosis can be a deadly medical mistake

Most people know their own bodies well enough to know when something might be wrong. They may have a physical feeling that is not normal, or they may be aware of sensations that are unusual to their systems. When medical problems and questions arise, New Jersey residents often visit their doctors to have their concerns addressed and their inquiries answered.

Fatality rates are up among expectant mothers

Although expectant mothers may elect to have their children at home or at birthing facilities that offer more comfortable options, hospitals are still a popular choice among women who are preparing to bring new lives into the world. This is because problems can arise during the birthing process and hospitals are generally well-equipped with personnel and equipment to face these challenges head-on. However, in New Jersey and other states throughout the nation, more and more mothers are dying, despite their admittance into hospitals for giving birth.

Changes to postpartum care

There is rising concern over deaths and serious complications related to pregnancy and childbirth among the medical community. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recently released an 11-page opinion describing changes they think would improve postpartum care. If adopted, the changes would hopefully improve the country's woeful performance in maternal health. The U.S. regularly finishes at or near the bottom of industrialized nations when analyzing health outcomes for mothers following childbirth.

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