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Why do pedestrian-car accidents happen?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2023 | Car Accidents

For pedestrians and car drivers alike, the thought of a collision is terrifying as it can have devastating consequences. These accidents can happen for a wide range of reasons and there may be blame to place on both parties. 

There were 173 pedestrian fatalities in New Jersey in 2020. Trying to understand why, when and where accidents happen is the first step in working towards preventing as many of these avoidable incidents as possible. 

Drivers failing to see pedestrians 

Most pedestrian-car accidents happen at night time. They commonly occur on urban roads and at non-intersections. 

At this time of day, driver visibility is significantly reduced, especially if the pedestrian is wearing dark clothing and cannot be easily seen. This risk is increased further if the person is crossing a busy road where there are no designated crosswalks. 

Where a pedestrian-car accident occurs at night, there’s also a higher possibility that drunk-driving by the driver was at least a contributing factor. 

Failing to yield where a pedestrian has right of way 

Where a road has a pedestrian crossing, a traffic signal often indicates when pedestrians can cross. This gives the person on foot a “right of way” that supersedes that of the driver. The motorist has to wait until those using the crossing have made it to the other side and the lights have changed before proceeding along the road. 

If a driver fails to yield at a crosswalk, they will face a traffic violation. There’s also the possibility of a car hitting pedestrians as they walk across the road due to not stopping and/or seeing them. 

Being injured while crossing the road as a pedestrian can cause catastrophic injury. Having someone on your side to help you handle an insurance claim can give you the time you need to recover.