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Reckless driving dangers in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Car Accidents

Reckless driving remains prevalent on New Jersey roads. As a result, persons hurt by reckless drivers might suffer severe harm. A civil lawsuit could be the only means of recovering their losses.

Reckless driving

A reckless driver does not worry about the safety of others. Drivers who speed or engage in distracting behaviors could be wantonly reckless since they undermine their ability to stop in time. Aggressive moving violations powered by road rage, such as tailgating and cutting other drivers off, may also cause crashes.

Drunk and drugged driving is highly reckless. Be aware impaired driving does not exclusively involve ingesting alcohol. Someone could cause a crash because they ingested legal or illegal drugs. Sometimes, persons impaired by medication could cause an accident. Although they may have a legal prescription, that does not free them from any obligations to safely operate a vehicle. Someone who uses medications that might make them drowsy could suffer from decreased reaction time, making it difficult for them to avoid an accident.

Seeking compensation after an accident

A personal injury lawsuit affords victims of reckless drivers to seek and possibly recover compensation for their losses. Providing detailed documents about losses, such as medical bills and estimates related to property damage, might help. Evidence to support lost future income could also assist victims in recovering the money they would lose due to the accident.

As the name suggests, punitive damages involve punishing defendants for their actions. For example, suppose a driver drove 40 miles above the speed limit in a residential area. In that case, a jury could find the behavior so reckless that the plaintiff may receive a punitive reward. Such might be the case when litigating motor vehicle accidents that cause catastrophic injuries or wrongful deaths.

An auto liability policy might award a settlement that covers the victim’s compensatory losses. However, fair payment from an insurance provider might require intense negotiations.