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Settling truck accident claims

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Car Accidents, Truck Accidents

The aftermath of a truck accident in New Jersey may follow many similar steps to what happens after a car crash: the victims will file an insurance claim. However, truck accident claims might be more complicated to settle.

Truck accident complexities

A truck collision might involve many victims since the oversized vehicle could crash into many cars. Trucks could also inflict catastrophic injuries on several victims, meaning several complex claims requiring investigation. Such factors may lengthen the investigation time and delay settlements.

The truck driver might not be the only defendant in a civil suit. The driver’s employer could be at fault in some way, as could third parties that contributed to any negligence. Lawsuits could seek to recover damages from all liable parties.

Consider the following: dangers unique to many tractor-trailers and semi-trucks include the risks improperly loaded or secured cargo could cause. Drastically overloading the cargo area beyond the maximum weight limits would make it challenging for a truck to operate safely in certain circumstances, such as when dealing with hills. Anyone involved with the truck’s loading could face a negligence claim. Those parties may include the employer or third parties responsible for the task.

Truck accidents and liability

Seeking compensation after truck or motor vehicle accidents requires proving negligence. A negligence claim may result if the driver committed a moving violation or operated the truck under the influence.

Fatigue frequently plagues truck drivers who deal with long-haul trips. Mandatory breaks required by federal and state regulations try to mitigate some problems associated with driver fatigue. However, even following those rules, a driver may feel tired from working too many weeks in a row or suffering a head cold or any one of several different problems.

Truck accidents could require more time to settle a claim. The complex nature of truck collisions contributes to such situations.