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Some alarming motorcycle accident statistics

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

Each year, motor vehicle accidents kill or injure thousands of Americans. In New Jersey, motorcycle accidents kill approximately 100 people a year. The accidents are classified based on the factors leading to the crash, the motorcyclist’s age, gender and behaviors.

1. Motorcycle accidents are common

In 2019, nearly 14% of fatal vehicular accidents involved motorcycles.

2. Men are a high-risk group

In 2017, the New Jersey government reported that men were more likely to die in fatal accidents than women. Half of all accidents involve middle-aged men.

3. The death rates have increased

The rates for motorcycle fatalities vary from year to year. In 2018, there were 564 people killed in motorcycle accidents in New Jersey. In 2017, the number was less than 100 fatalities.

4. Helmets were worn

Approximately 81% of people killed in motorcycle accidents in New Jersey were wearing helmets.

5. Recklessness is the main factor

The main factors for motorcycle accidents that resulted in death were speeding, distracted driving and cutting off other drivers or motorcyclists.

6. Weather is not a factor

Heavy rainfall, icy roads and strong winds are not the main contributors to these deaths. More than half of fatal motorcycle crashes occurred during fair weather.

7. Licensing is not valid

At least 30% of motorcyclists in fatal crashes did not have motorcycle licenses or drove with expired licenses.

The data about fatal motorcycle accidents in New Jersey is always changing. The rates of fatalities have increased and decreased over the years, but the number of motorcycle fatalities remains near a hundred per year. Driving recklessly on the road is the primary cause of fatal motorcycle accidents in New Jersey.