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Defensive driving practices are essential in summer

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2022 | Car Accidents

Summertime always brings more highway traffic as people travel to destinations both close and far away. New Jersey is no stranger to this pattern. The uptick in traffic also means an increase in potential highway hazards when there are motorists who are in a hurry to reach their destination. This means that those who are safety conscious tend to drive even more defensively, which is a practice that more drivers should follow. Here are a few tips for those who want to be safer while behind the wheel.

Maintain a safe distance

Statistics have regularly shown that many motor vehicle accidents involve rear-end collisions that could be avoided by simply maintaining a safer distance behind a vehicle. Even though this may be very difficult in congested traffic, a congested driving scenario is actually when it is most important. Sharing the road is essential to safe traveling, and keeping extra distance between your vehicle and the one in front is an effective method.

Maintain the speed limit

The controlling adage when driving on the highway is that speed kills, and it assuredly does according to the numbers. Excessive speeds are very common on New Jersey highways, and many accidents will include a driver who is moving at a rate well beyond the speed limit. Speeds are set by the state based on specific criteria, and honoring those limits is always the best personal driving policy regardless of traffic flow. This is also vital to reducing the number of auto accidents.

Signal use and lighting maintenance

Night driving requires excellent illumination and use of turn signals when changing lanes. This especially applies in heavy traffic. Always keep lighting features in proper working repair and use signal indicators in every instance. They are safety features, not merely courtesy lights.

These are just the basic steps that defensive drivers take when behind the wheel at all times. However, when traffic intensifies, the need to pay closer attention on the road becomes a safety necessity for everyone. Driving defensively is always the best option.