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The importance of documenting damage after an accident

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2021 | Car Accidents

A car accident in New Jersey is a bad ordeal to go through, but it’s made worse if you don’t report the crash properly. This includes creating documents to prove that the accident occurred, how it happened and who was involved. This information is needed to give to the insurance company for the evaluation of a claim.

Obtain a police report

First, contact the police if it’s a major accident. You need a report that contains official, accurate details of an auto accident. An officer also takes witness statements that are useful in claims. A police report is often required when filing an insurance claim.

Exchange information

Then, exchange information with the other driver, if not already done so. You either need to contact your own insurance company or the driver’s insurer, if the accident was not your fault.

Take pictures

Take pictures of the damages from all angles on your smartphone. Include shots of the license plate of every car involved.

Small accidents count

Documenting the damage is necessary in cases of small accidents. Any type of damage, no matter how small or insignificant, may cause thousands of dollars in damages. You don’t have to contact the police, but you need to take pictures and exchange information. The mechanic may discover more damage later on, which will modify your claim, and you’ll need to have this documentation on hand.

After documenting the damage

Filing a valid claim to receive compensation for your auto repair bills and medical bills is the end result of properly documenting the damages. Some drivers call their insurance companies while they’re at the scene of the accident while others wait until they get home. In either case, you need sufficient documentation to tell the claims representative and move successfully through the claims process.