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Why are road hazards so dangerous?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Car Accidents

Car accident reports from New Jersey typically provide details about the causes of the collisions. Intoxicated drivers, poor weather conditions and mechanical troubles might all contribute to crashes. The unpredictable nature of road hazards makes their presence challenging to predict, so drivers need to operate their vehicles defensively.

Avoiding road hazards

Some localities post warnings about hazards common to the region. For example, bicyclists might ride around in certain city locations while animal crossings could be typical in rural areas. Paying attention to any displayed warning signs may help prevent collisions.

When driving near large trucks, it helps to be mindful of any loose, poorly secured cargo. Upon coming across any car accidents, drivers should look out for dangerous debris on the road ahead.

Both motorcyclists and pedestrians could present unforeseen dangers. Sometimes, motorcyclists, scooter riders, skateboarders and pedestrians all travel alongside cars. Again, defensive driving skills combined with awareness could prevent an accident.

Drivers contribute to fault

A car traveling at the speed limit and remaining in its lane could suddenly spin after an object in the road puncture’s the tire. In such an accident, the driver might not be liable for any resulting collision. However, a speeding driver who changes lanes repeatedly and doesn’t signal is likely negligent. Even if the blowout resulted from another party’s negligence, the speeding driver’s moving violations could make him or her partly liable.

Pedestrians and bicyclists could also face negligence claims for accidents they cause. A thorough investigation might reveal who is to blame after a crash. Injured victims may then seek legal advice to learn how to recover their losses.