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It’s dangerous to drive on these New Jersey highways

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | Car Accidents

With motor vehicle accidents on the rise across the country, you may be wondering which local highways are the most dangerous. A simple review of accident data from the state of New Jersey reveals five highways that are statistically more likely to have motor vehicle collisions than others.

Route 46

In 2018, route 46 recorded 3,344 crashes. Most of the crashes seen on this road occurred in a section of the highway in Little Falls. This older road contains many shopping centers, traffic intersections, and side streets where accidents can happen.


This is a busy road that lies between the New Jersey Turnpike for cargo-hauling trucks and the New York State Thruway. In 2019, this road experience 3,550 crashes. A certain section between Bedminster and Bridgewater recorded the most collisions in 2018 at 320.


Often considered one of the busiest highways in New Jersey, this route has had its fair share of deadly motor vehicle accidents. In 2019, it recorded 4,722 crashes. Most of these crashes happened in a Paterson road section between Routes 19, 20, and 76.

New Jersey Turnpike

This highway experienced 7,777 crashes in 2019. It makes sense why this road would record such a high number of crashes when you consider the amount of traffic it handles. In 2018 alone, about 230 million vehicles were used on this road.

Garden State Parkway

Most analysts consider the Garden State Parkway the worst highway when it comes to motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey. In 2019, this road experienced 10,363 motor vehicle accidents due to having some of the heaviest traffic in New Jersey.

Getting involved in a motor vehicle accident on these highways can be serious for you and your loved ones. To avoid getting involved in a crash, you should make sure to always pay attention while driving and avoid distractions. You also need to make sure your motor vehicle is in good working condition before using it on the highway.