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Common mistakes that can lead to legal malpractice

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Legal Malpractice

Attorneys should always strive to please their clients and follow the law. If they do not, not only do they put their clients in a difficult position, but they also may be committing legal malpractice. As you work alongside your attorney in your case, you need to keep out for the following signs that could potentially lead to a legal malpractice claim in New Jersey.

Missing deadlines

When dealing with legal matters, attorneys can’t put things off until the last minute. There are many deadlines that they need to meet for your case to go through and for you to be successful. If they continue to miss these due dates no matter how many times you remind them, it could put your case at serious risk.

Poor communication

In any legal case, it’s important for attorneys to have open and honest communication with their client at all times, so there isn’t any miscommunication or secrets. If they are not always contacting and discussing the case with you and instead are just doing things on their own, you could end up taking them to court. This is also true if you are constantly calling and messaging them, but they are ignoring you and not returning your calls.

Misusing the client’s money

When a client hires an attorney, they usually pay them a retainer for their services that should be put in a trust fund. If the attorney decides to take some of that money and use it for their own personal expenses, this can be considered as misappropriation of the client’s funds and can end with a legal malpractice claim being sent their way.

Not knowing the law

Your attorney should have a full understanding of the law and its applications. They need to be ready to answer any legal questions their clients have and fully understand what they are getting into in the courtroom. All it takes is one costly mistake for you to lose your case.

Your attorney should always be honest, helpful and prepared for their clients. If they displayed any of the aforementioned behavior and harmed your chances of winning in the courtroom, then you should gather what information you have on them to prepare a legal malpractice claim.