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Signs Of Nursing Home Negligence To Watch For

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2020 | Nursing Home Abuse

Protecting your loved ones is one of your most important responsibilities and sometimes it can feel difficult to do so when they live in a nursing home. You put your trust into nursing home employees and medical professionals to care for your loved ones just as you would, but unfortunately this does not always happen.

Nursing homes are often understaffed and sometimes quality of care can fall through the cracks. It’s important to stay vigilant when it comes to your loved ones who live in nursing homes and there are a few warning signs that they may be neglected in their care facility.

What Are Some Indications Of Neglect?

There are several warning signs you can look for when visiting your loved ones that may indicate they are being neglected. Noticing these signs early can help protect those you care for and ensure they receive proper, timely treatment.

Some of these signs include:

  • Unusual weight loss and malnutrition
  • Chapped lips or dry skin that may indicate dehydration
  • Injuries consistent with falls including bruises and head wounds
  • Bedsores
  • Medication errors including sedation and overmedication
  • Unsanitary conditions in their room or common areas
  • Poor hygiene
  • Unsuitable conditions such as poor heating or lack of running water

These are just a few signs you may want to keep an eye out for if you suspect your loved one is being neglected or improperly cared for in their nursing home. These actions, while they may be unintentional, are unacceptable. You can take action to protect your loved ones if you notice these signs or any others that indicate neglect and negligence or even abuse.