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Breast cancer testing and misdiagnosis

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

Cancer is a scary word. Tragically, for many Americans this word becomes a reality. There’s sometimes a glimmer of hope, though, when cancer is quickly and accurately diagnosed and treated. This is especially true for cancers affecting the breasts and prostate. Yet, all too often medical mistakes prevent this quick treatment, which leaves patients at risk of a worsened condition and a poor prognosis.

Diagnosing breast cancer

Effective treatment of breast cancer requires a prompt diagnosis. Identifying this type of cancer shouldn’t be too difficult if proper testing is conducted, which may include any of the following:

  • Mammogram: This x-ray of the breast can detect abnormalities that require additional assessment.
  • Ultrasound: Here, sound waves are used to better analyze lumps that are found deep within the breast tissue. This can help doctors better determine whether the mass in question is cancerous or merely some type of cyst.
  • MRI: This magnetic imaging process can help create a clearer picture of breast tissue, which, again, can assist in identifying questionable masses.
  • Biopsy: This is really the only way to know for sure if certain tissues are cancerous. Here, tissue is removed and analyzed for cancerous cells.

Missed and wrong diagnoses

Sadly, far too many medical professionals fail to order these tests or they inaccurately read test results, leaving unsuspecting victims with losses from which they may never recover. And these errors occur with all sorts of cancer. The resulting harm is devastating and unacceptable. That’s why those who have been harmed by these medical errors should consider taking legal action to find accountability, deter similar errors from occurring in the future, and recover much needed compensation for damages suffered.

To build the best medical malpractice claim under the circumstances, it might be wise to discuss your case with a strong attorney with a record of holding negligent doctors and hospitals to account.