It is an unfortunate reality that each year in New Jersey thousands of people suffer injuries at work. These workers are, oftentimes, then left with more questions than answers. They wonder if they will be able to recover their health fully, if they will be able to return to their job and if they will be able to support their families while recovering. These injured workers are looking for options.

So, what are your options when you suffer a work injury? Well, for starters, most workers in New Jersey will likely be entitled to receive workers’ compensation after an on-the-job injury occurs. However, the process of applying for and then receiving these benefits can be confusing. Getting the right information about how to go about getting workers’ compensation benefits is crucial.

Pursuing all of your options

At our law firm, we understand that injured workers are looking for answers. They want to know that they will be able to receive income while they are unable to work due to their on-the-job injury. While pursuing workers’ compensation benefits is certainly one important option, it may not be the only option. In some cases, such as when an injury occurred due to someone else’s conduct, pursuing additional compensation may be an option as well.

New Jersey residents need to consider all of their options after they suffer workplace injuries. At our law firm, we go through the details of each case to attempt to ensure that our clients are able to pursue the maximum amount of compensation. For more information, please visit the workplace injury overview section of our law firm’s website.