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The types of nursing home neglect

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2020 | Nursing Home, Nursing Home Abuse

Many Burlington County residents have had to make the agonizing decision to place their loved one in a nursing home. Everyone will get old at some time and most will require additional care. For families who are not able to provide this type of skilled care, nursing homes are a good option. Choosing a nursing home can be difficult and families may question their decision. For families who have a loved one in a nursing home they may want to know what types of nursing home neglect exist.

Although most residents of area nursing homes are treated with dignity and respect, nursing home neglect continues to be a problem. The following are some of the kinds of nursing home neglect.

Medical neglect

Medical neglect is when a nursing home resident does not properly address a resident’s medical concerns. It can happen when a resident develops bedsores, their diabetes is not cared for properly, they don’t receive their prescribed medication, they develop infections, etc.

Personal hygiene

When a resident doesn’t receive proper hygiene, it can be considered neglect. A nursing home has the duty to maintain a resident’s hygiene including bathing, laundry and dental care.

Basic needs

A nursing home may be neglectful to their residents if they don’t provide for their basic needs. This includes adequate food, water and a safe and clean environment.

Social and emotional

A nursing home needs to be a place where a resident feels safe and cared for. If a nursing home ignores a resident, leaves them alone excessively, or are unkind to them it can be social or emotional neglect.

An attorney who specializes in nursing home neglect can help a family who suspects their loved one may be a victim. They can investigate the circumstances surrounding the neglect and hold the facility responsible for their negligence.