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There are many concerns that one might have after suffering a car accident but what happens if one of the drivers does not have car insurance? This can be a pitfall for many and it is important to know what can be done when dealing with a motor vehicle accident and measures can be taken, especially when there is a no-fault car insurance system.

What to do?

The first thing to do after suffering a motor vehicle accident is to call the police. If there is a driver who does not have car insurance, the other driver can use the police report to have their expenses covered. It is also important to exchange contact and vehicle information. Drivers should also ask witnesses for their information, as well, which can be used as evidence in a claim. One should gather persona details of the incident, such as the car model, the date and time of the accident, the street where it happened, the officer name and badge number. Driver’s should also take pictures of the accident for evidence.

No-fault insurance and penalties

Most states in the country follow this legal principle called ‘no-fault insurance’ and New Jersey is one of them. What this principle says is that if a driver suffers an injury resulting from a car accident, then that person is required to seek compensation from their own car insurance coverage. This could possibly shield an insured driver even when he or she has suffered an accident with an uninsured driver.

However, there are several penalties for not driving with a car insurance and this could possibly escalate to a criminal penalty, depending on the gravity of the accident Also, it is likely that the local DMV will also impose penalties like suspending the driver’s license for several months or to even a year. It is important to get car insurance to avoid further complications down the road.