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What symptoms are associated with brain injuries?

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2019 | Brain Injury

A brain injury can be a serious medical condition. Although this post will provide its readers with general information about brain injuries and their related symptoms, the contents of this post should not be interpreted as legal or medical advice. New Jersey residents who are involved in accidents and who have suffered brain injuries should consult with the appropriate professionals to have their health and legal rights protected.

Brain injuries can happen in practically any type of accident, from trips and falls to serious motor vehicle collisions. They occur when the head sustains trauma from either a blow, such as an impact force on the skull, or a penetration, such as when something enters the skull and touches the brain. Depending upon the type of brain injury and its severity, a victim may experience a range of symptoms.

Mild brain injuries may result in short-term symptoms, such as pain and soreness or mild disorientation. Concussions are a form of brain injury, and depending on when a person seeks help to have their condition checked, they may be subjected to a safety protocol to ensure that they have not suffered a more serious injury, as the more serious a brain injury that a victim suffers, the more significant their symptoms may be.

Serious brain injuries may result in coma or even death. A person who survives a serious brain injury may suffer from cognitive, emotional and physical issues that impact how they live and interact with others. Pain, mood changes, memory loss, physical limitations and other symptoms can result. Brain injuries can be expensive to treat and may result in long-term associated costs. Victims of accidents that result in brain injuries can seek help to find out if they may be compensated for their losses.