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How to drive safely and avoid accidents in a school zone

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2019 | Car Accidents

School is back in session, the roads are becoming more slick, and mother nature is turning more treacherous.

 In addition to all of this, more school buses are on the road, speed traps are alive and well (especially in school zones,) and the kids are so bundled up, it may be hard to notice them through your snowy or foggy windshield.

Speed traps are a police officer’s best friend during school hours, as parents are rushing their children to school. While maintaining focus on the road, be aware of these traps and adjust your speed accordingly, as speed traps are often accompanied by fines that are double or triple the state-specified amount.

All school zones are frequently accompanied by warning signs, police officers, speed bumps, crossing guards, and more. Below are a few other tips to keep in mind when driving through a school zone.

Expect traffic

Not just vehicle traffic, but pedestrian traffic as well, clogs up school zones. School drop off and pick up times, create a flurry of activity. Some schools have designated drop-off and pickup areas, which can make the process slower, but patience is a virtue to avoid collisions.


As mentioned above, look out for pedestrians. Kids will be all over the place. At all crosswalks, they have the right of way, as do buses. At all times, yield to pedestrians and school buses when navigating school traffic.

Police officers, traffic officers, and crossing guards have the final say

These people are the ones equipped with the task of controlling these hectic mornings and afternoons. The operation runs much smoother if drivers and pedestrians obey their signals.

You’re a good driver, but accidents and crashes can lead to minor and life-altering injuries. Obeying the rules of the road and specifically, those of school zones, will benefit you and your children in the long run.