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Construction workers face many dangers on the job

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2019 | Construction Worker Accidents

According to the federal Department of Labor, around 6 million people are employed in the construction industry. This population makes up about 4% of all workers across the nation, but surprisingly, construction workers suffer a disproportionate number of on-the-job fatalities than workers in all other fields. In 2012, around 4,100 American workers were killed in work-related accidents, and about 800 of those fatalities claimed construction workers’ lives.

One of the reasons that construction workers suffer many fatal and life-threatening injuries is because of the nature of their work. Construction sites have heavy materials, heavy machinery and many moving pieces. Falls and crushing accidents are unfortunately common on construction sites and can result in serious and fatal injuries to their victims.

Additionally, construction workers are not always provided with adequate safety training and equipment to avoid harm while doing their jobs. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA mandates safety standards that employers must implement across many different workplaces to ensure that their employees are protected from preventable harm. When employers fail in their duties to protect their employees, serious accidents can happen on construction sites.

Construction sites can be dangerous, and Burlington County construction workers suffer too many accidents and injuries while they are trying to do their jobs. When a construction accident happens a victim should follow the proper procedures to ensure that their medical needs are met and their employer is informed of their injuries. A worker in this difficult situation may choose to speak with a personal injury attorney about their rights and options to determine if their case is suitable for litigation.