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Drunk driving crashes are an issue, especially in summer

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Car Accidents

Memorial Day may be considered the unofficial start of the summer season for many in Burlington County. Between now and Labor Day, people will enjoy the beach, weddings, block parties, outdoor concerts and other fun occasions. It is not unusual for people to enjoy a bottle of beer or glass of wine while at summertime celebrations. However, some people take drinking too far and will engage in drunk driving.

Drunk driving is a serious issue in the United States year-round. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each day 29 individuals across the nation lose their lives in car crashes involving a drunk driver. This amounts to one fatality every 50 minutes. In 2016, 28 percent of all traffic fatalities in the nation were due to drunk driving accidents. In addition, 17 percent of traffic deaths involving children between 0 to 14-years-old involved a drunk driver.

Drugged driving is also an issue in the U.S. The CDC reports that there is an uptick of marijuana use, and that motorists who have consumed marijuana were approximately 25% more apt to be involved in a car accident in comparison to those who were sober. Other drugs, both legal and illegal, were also an issue in many motor vehicle accidents.

Drunk driving and drugged driving are serious issues any time of the year, but especially in the summer. Drunk driving and drugged driving breach a motorist’s duty to drive reasonably under the circumstances. If these acts lead to a car accident that causes another person to suffer damages, the accident victim may be able to hold the negligent driver accountable through a personal injury suit. Doing so may provide victim with the financial resources they need to recover from the crash.