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Who is responsible when an accident happens in inclement weather?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Car Accidents

New Jersey is a great place to live, but anyone who has toughed it out through the winter in Burlington County knows that the weather can get very serious. When temperatures dip and the winds pick up, drivers can be subjected to significant threats from ice, snow, and slush as precipitation accumulates on the roads. The presence of these substances can make driving treacherous and can lead to more accidents between local drivers.

When an accident happens in bad weather, a victim may wonder if there is anyone that they can actually sue. They may believe that if the weather caused the accident that there is no other responsible party from whom they may be able to collect their damages. This is not always the case. Although readers should always seek independent counsel regarding their motor vehicle accident claims, victims can still usually sue the negligent parties who caused their accidents even if the weather was bad when they crashed.

This is because drivers must adapt their operating practices to accommodate changing conditions. A driver cannot drive as fast on ice as they can on a clear road, and as such it is not reasonable for a driver to speed or drive erratically if weather conditions are inclement. Negligence may still serve as the grounds for a car accident-based personal injury claims even if weather was poor.

Throughout the nation, winter is coming. Drivers will have to use their best driving judgment as they take to wet, icy, and snowy roads to keep themselves and others safe. When accidents happen, however, victims should seek the legal help of attorneys they know and trust to handle their claims.