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Brain injuries are not unique to specific types of accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2018 | Brain Injury

There are certain types of injuries that may exclusively be experienced in certain contexts or during certain events. For example, a New Jersey resident will only suffer a bite injury when they are attacked by a dog or other animal, and they will only experience hyperthermia when they are exposed to extreme heat. However, broken bones, bruises, and other more common types of injuries can happen in many different ways, such as from falls, trips and motor vehicle accidents.

Another relatively common type of injury that can be suffered in many different ways is a brain injury. Past posts on this blog have discussed the severity of symptoms that victims of brain injuries may experience and the costs that victims may have to endure in order to work toward recovery. This post will touch on how pervasive brain injuries are and the diverse ways that they can happen.

Car accidents are a common cause of brain injuries. As anyone who has been in an accident can attest, the jolt that a person experiences when their vehicle is hit by another can be forceful and violent. The force of an impact can cause a victim to hit their head on their steering wheel, window, or other part of their car, causing a brain injury in the process.

Medical malpractice can also result in brain injuries. When doctors fail to monitor their patients or engage in negligent practices, their patients may suffer hypoxia. Hypoxia results when a victim’s brain does not receive the oxygen it needs.

Finally, slips, falls, and other balance related accidents can result in brain injuries. When individuals fall, even from relatively low heights, they may suffer trauma to their heads and thus suffer injuries to their brains. This post does not provide a full list of brain injury causes. It is offered to show readers that these injuries happen in many different contexts and can be suffered due to many different negligence-based events.