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Commercial drivers may not text and drive

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2018 | Truck Accidents

Texting and driving is dangerous for any motorist. Though it may not be uncommon for New Jersey drivers to see other individuals flipping through their smart phones as they cruise down the road, individuals who allow their handheld devices to take over their attention while they drive are putting themselves and others in danger. State laws prohibit such conduct in private drivers, but federal regulations bar certain commercial drivers from texting and driving as well.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration prohibits commercial drivers from using certain devices while they are operating their rigs. If a drive must push more than one button to use their devise, the action is prohibited. Likewise, if the driver must not hold a device while using voice commands. A driver must have their device properly mounted and programmed before they begin driving to ensure that their attention is not taken off of the road and onto the screen of their cell phone.

While drivers can be fined and have their commercial licenses suspended if they are caught texting and driving, the consequences of this danger practice can be much worse. Commercial drivers who text and drive can cause devastating accidents when they are unable to react and respond to the changing conditions on the roads they travel.

No driver should allow a smart phone to take their eyes off of the road. Commercial drivers who text and drive risk injuring others and losing their rights to drive large trucks and other commercial rigs. Any victim of a texting and driving accident is encouraged to seek legal counsel. Through such a consultation a victim may better understand their rights to compensation and options for litigation.