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Take action if you have been poisoned by lead

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2016 | Products Liability

Prior to 1978, residential homes were often painted with lead paint. In 1978, the government banned the use of this type of paint in homes because it was determined that the lead in the paint posed a danger. That didn’t mean that lead paint was removed from the homes and office buildings. Instead, it only meant that new lead paint couldn’t be used when the buildings were repainted.

Even today, it is possible to come into contact with lead paint. Some older homes and buildings might still have lead paint in them. Additionally, some people can come into contact with lead paint on toys and other items that were manufactured overseas.

A person who is exposed to lead can suffer from lead poisoning if the lead gets into his or her digestive system. This is especially common in younger children who tend to put things in their mouths. Lead poisoning can lead to several conditions.

Lead poisoning in children can cause headaches, slowed growth, hearing problems, brain damage, nervous system damage, learning problems, and behavior issues. In adults, lead poisoning can cause nerve disorders, high blood pressure, digestive issues, memory problems, muscle pain, joint pain, problems during pregnancy and other issues.

People can be tested for lead poisoning through a simple blood test. If lead is found, treatment might be necessary. It is also likely going to be necessary to have someone assess your home, office or other locations for lead risks.

Because the effects of lead poisoning are considerable, people who have this condition might choose to seek compensation for their injuries. This can be a challenging task that will include determining who is responsible for the lead exposure.

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