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How can you positively impact brain injury recovery?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2016 | Brain Injury

Being involved in any accident that includes injury to the brain is frightening, especially since you are probably dealing with many unanswered questions. Brain injuries span a wide range of medical issues, from mild concussions to severe injuries that can leave you unable to function fully for the rest of your life. Even more scary is the fact that a brain injury might seem mild today but develop into something more severe as time passes.

So, how can you positively impact your own recovery from a brain injury? The Brain Injury Association of America offers some tips for recovery. First, you should get the amount of rest needed to effect as strong a recovery as possible. Depending on your injuries and the guidance received from medical providers, that might mean not returning to work immediately.

After any brain injury, you should avoid work or activities that puts you at risk for another head injury. Another blow to the head when you are recovering from an injury can seriously exacerbate issues. Again, this might mean avoiding standard occupational activities or taking extra steps to ensure safety.

As with any type of injury or illness, you should follow your medical provider’s guidance in making decisions about medications, treatments and daily activities. You should never take medication that was not prescribed for your condition as unknown medicine used to treat pain or other substance can have a detrimental impact on recovery and functioning.

It’s possible your brain and body might need therapy to help recovery lost skills, including movement or basic activities of living. To help you cover expenses associated with the time and resources for recovery, you can file workers’ compensation claims if you were hurt on the job or file legal lawsuits for compensation if you were hurt because of someone else’s negligence.

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