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What factors lead to severe truck crashes?

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2016 | Truck Accidents

Studies have often linked severe truck accidents with distracted driving or incidences of driving under the influence. It’s no secret that some truck drivers travel for many, many hours without rest, which can result in crashes when the driver becomes drowsy or falls asleep behind the wheel. A study of truck accidents in another state a few years ago shed some new light on truck accidents, though.

The study found that one of the biggest factors in the severity of truck accidents are the number of trucks on the road at the time. As the volume of truck traffic in an area increases, said the study, so did the likelihood that any accident would be severe or even fatal. In fact, even when the overall traffic in an area is less than normal, if trucks make up a higher-than-normal percent of that traffic, then a fatal accident might be more likely than in high-volume traffic without a high truck presence.

The second factor that was most significant to the severity of truck-related accidents was reportedly speed. The study found that when trucks and surrounding traffic were traveling above 45 mph, the risks of a fatal crash doubled.

Other factors that contributed to crash risks included gender of the driver — with males having a higher risk — and size and style of the truck — with larger and combo trucks having a higher risk. Weather was also a factor that could lead to increased risk — obviously, poor weather conditions can contribute to severity of accidents.

The factors leading up to an accident can be important if you are suffering from injuries related to an accident. Understanding these factors can help you understand who might be liable for an accident, so you can begin seeking appropriate compensation for any damages.

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