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What are the types of defects that can occur in products?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2016 | Products Liability

It is important that any product that is sold to consumers is as safe as possible. This means that the products must be designed and manufactured with safety in mind. It also means that the instructions, including the warnings for the products, must properly convey the necessary information. When these elements aren’t met, there is a chance that consumers can be harmed.

What are design defects?

A design defect means that the design of product could have led someone to foresee the danger. If the product design could have been changed to reduce the risks, the design of the product could be considered a defect.

What are marketing defects?

A marketing defect occurs when the instructions for the product don’t convey the necessary information. A marketing defect can occur if the warning on the product’s packing or inserts doesn’t contain adequate warnings for the consumers.

What are manufacturing defects?

Manufacturing defects occur when something goes wrong while the product is being made that leads to the product being unsafe. In this case, the product will have a defect that doesn’t have to do with the marketing or the design.

What is an unavoidably unsafe product?

An unavoidably unsafe product is one that doesn’t have a defect present and isn’t necessarily dangerous by nature. It means that the product can’t be made safe without taking away its ability to do the job that it is intended to do.

When you are launching a product liability case, these points can have a big impact on how you handle your case. Make sure that you understand how each point affects your case.

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