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Don’t let companies get away with selling dangerous products

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2016 | Products Liability

As we discussed last week, defects in manufacturing can lead to death or injuries. When you are thinking about product liability claims, you have to realize that these cases stem from injuries that occur when the products are being used as they are intended. We know that most people don’t use products thinking that they will get harmed by those products.

When you think about dangerous products, you might automatically think about products like power tools and large equipment. Those aren’t the only products that can lead to injuries. Space heaters, air conditioners, vehicles and children’s toys can also lead to product liability claims.

Another interesting point about product liability claims is that not all of the harm that can be done by these products is outward injuries. Some products might be wrought with toxic chemicals that can make you ill. Those chemicals can lead to sicknesses that can often be deadly.

An instance of an illness that can be caused by toxic materials is mesothelioma or black lung disease. This disease is a fatal disease that is caused by exposure to asbestos. Before current laws went into effect, asbestos was a common insulation material.

As you can imagine, product liability claims can vary greatly. The point that brings them all together is that the person who trusted the manufacturer was harmed by the use of the product. If you were injured or became ill because of a product you purchased, we can help you learn about the premises liability claims that might provide you with some compensation for the damages you suffered.