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Determine the cause of a truck accident before filing a claim

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2015 | Truck Accidents

The increase in holiday traffic is dangerous for everyone on the roadways. As we discussed last week, truck accidents are more common during the holiday season. While many people think that semi-truck accidents are always caused by the trucker, this isn’t always the case. We know that when you are involved in a trucking accident, you want to hold someone accountable for your injuries. We can help you to determine who you should list as a defendant if you opt to seek compensation.

When we work with you on a semi-truck accident case, we consider all the possible causes of semi-truck accidents. These causes can include driver fatigue or distraction, but they can also include improper securing of loads, faulty parts, and similar causes. By exploring all the possible options as we investigate your case, we can help you learn if there are multiple parties who should be held accountable.

We know that the last thing you want to do after a truck accident is deal with a legal battle. We can help you with the legal aspects so that you can focus more on healing after the accident.

It is critical that you start working on your case right away. You don’t want to wait too long because New Jersey has a statute of limitations that doesn’t allow claims for compensation to be made after a certain point. The attorneys at Ginsberg & O'Connor, PC can help you to get your case going while you follow the care plan provided to you by the medical professionals who are treating you.