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Determine who is liable for your child’s cerebral palsy diagnosis

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2015 | Brain Injury

Brain injuries at any age are traumatic. However, when a new parent is faced with the reality that their precious newborn suffered a birth injury that led to a brain injury, the situation is even more devastating.

For some parents, a post-birth diagnosis of cerebral palsy sends them into shock and down a path they never expected to walk. These parents might choose to seek compensation for their child’s birth injury in order to be able to afford the care necessary to give their child the best life possible.

We know that you might have some questions about seeking compensation for your child’s birth injury. In the case of a child with cerebral palsy, seeking compensation from the medical team monitoring your labor and delivery, pharmaceutical companies and the hospital might be possible. The parties named as defendants in the case depend on the circumstances that led to the lack of oxygen or cause of your child’s cerebral palsy.

If the doctor didn’t monitor you properly during labor or didn’t do a c-section when one was needed and the result was cerebral palsy, the doctor might be named. In that case, the hospital may also be named, depending on the circumstances. If the cerebral palsy was caused by a drug used during pregnancy, the prescribing doctor and pharmaceutical company might be possible defendants.

At Ginsberg & O'Connor PC, we understand that all of these things can be difficult to determine. We are here to investigate your case and help you learn your options. Once you know your options, you can decide how to move forward.