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Another company recalls car seat for children

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2015 | Products Liability

Car seats have become complex products over the past few decades. Parents can spend hours figuring out how to install a car seat, and the process has become so technical that individuals are now being certified to inspect seat installations and teach parents how to use car seats correctly. Even when parents do figure out how to install a seat, they can deal with issues later when a company recalls seats for safety issues.

Recaro Child Safety is the latest name on the recall list. The company recently announced a voluntary recall of both the Performance Ride and Pro Ride seats. Seats impacted by the recall were manufacturing prior to June 9 of this year. The company is sending out a new webbing piece to better secure the seats.

The seats reportedly have a safety problem — the top tether, which helps keep the seat in place and stable, could detach during an accident. The company is recalling over 173,000 seats that could be impacted by this product defect.

In addition to the tether coming detached, the company reports that the shell of the seat might crack during a collision. The defects were discovered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration during product testing.

In the wake of the recall, government agencies encouraged parents and others to register child car seats. Registering a purchase with the manufacturer helps ensure that individuals receive notifications when a recall or other safety issue is discovered. If you don’t register your product, then you have to rely on news media or word-of-mouth for such news.

Although car seat manufacturers usually work diligently to monitor safety and let consumers know about problems, things do slip through the cracks. Further, not everyone is aware when they are using a possibly defective product.

If the worst occurs and your child is injured in an accident while riding in a defective seat, you might have a personal injury case for compensation. Getting financial guidance is the first step toward seeking financial recovery for any injuries.

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