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Protecting victims of medical malpractice in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2015 | Medical Malpractice

Health care professionals are charged with certain performance standards within their fields of expertise. Most of us understand that any medical procedure or treatment has a certain degree of risk involved. But we believe patients are entitled to expect the provider’s care to be the best possible. Unfortunately, sometimes that trust has been misplaced. Preventable injuries do sometimes happen because someone somewhere along the treatment line committed medical malpractice.

Our law firm has experience with helping victims or surviving families recover and hold accountable any person or business liable for a loss because of error or neglect. These injuries can be a result of doctor or nurse error in medication, diagnosis, surgery or some other improper treatment. Errors in nursing home care can be prevalent because patients are often incapable of noting mistakes in care or medication.

On our practice page, we note some of the circumstances under which New Jersey physicians can be liable to compensate patients if medical malpractice is proven. They include birth and surgical injuries, failure to diagnose or treat illness and using defective medical devices in treatment. Less commonly known are the misreading of x-rays and a doctor’s failure to inform patients of relevant information pertaining to his or her illness or injury.

It’s not unusual for patients who feel respect or awe for medical personnel to assume all is well and their medical care is appropriate. Most of the time it is. But questioning a situation that feels wrong can prevent a tragedy. After a loss, holding the person or hospital involved accountable with the help of an experienced legal advocate is one way a victim or family can recover. It’s also possible the process of filing a medical malpractice claim might prevent the harm to someone else.