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The big rig: Holding drivers to a higher standard in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Dangerous, distracted driving is all around us these days. On most highway trips, we can’t help but notice drivers talking on the phone or texting while driving despite laws prohibiting it in most places. As scary as that may be, a driver texting while maneuvering 80,000 pounds of truck might be far worse.

Truck accidents are some of the worst in terms of injuries, fatalities and damage. This makes sense when one considers the sheer size and weight of an 18-wheeler. Even a smaller truck would likely win when pitted against a passenger car. These are a few of the reasons why truck drivers and their owner-businesses are held to a higher standard of operational safety.

Over our many years of helping victims in our law practice, we have been deeply involved in addressing the many, serious challenges families face when dealing with the aftermath of a truck crash. As we note on our practice page, strict regulations and licensing requirements apply to both drivers and the companies that provide the trucking service. These laws and guidelines help to reduce the number of crashes on our roads and highways – as long as they are adhered to with diligence. About 600 million tons of goods are moved throughout New Jersey annually. Trucks handle 75 percent of them.

But what happens when rules are ignored and an accident wreaks havoc on a victim or family? Sorting out a personalized path to recovery is the answer. Our experienced approach to the investigation, preserving of evidence, accident reconstruction review and in-depth scrutiny of a company’s business practices, training and adherence to regulations is a sound strategy. It’s overwhelming to contemplate long-term consequences, but it, too, is a really important aspect of determining a case’s value.

Based on a strong claim bolstered by realistic projections of future financial needs, settlement negotiations may succeed. A large percentage of New Jersey personal injury claims don’t make it to trial. If going to court is necessary, however, an effective presentation can have positive results.