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Brain injury victims need special legal help

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2015 | Brain Injury

Some of the most difficult personal injury cases that legal teams work on deal with injuries affecting a victim’s brain. The injury can be the result of a horrific car accident or a simple slip and fall on someone’s property. Sometimes, the injury doesn’t surface immediately. Other times, intensive medical care is an immediate need. Whatever the circumstances of the accident are doesn’t really matter to the victims. Recovery does.

Our New Jersey law practice has extensive experience helping families who are dealing with the aftermath of an accident. We explain some of the basics on our traumatic brain injury practice page. For example, there are times when brain injuries aren’t diagnosed right after a person is hurt. Symptoms such as memory and sleep problems, mood changes and light sensitivity may develop over time. In other instances, a person is immediately aware of the injury, but families anticipate things will improve as time passes. The difficulty here is the unknown, and careful investigation of the accident, documentation of every detail and an experienced evaluation of the results can protect the rights of the victim.

The other scenario that can benefit from meticulous review is an accident resulting in catastrophic injuries, especially when the brain is affected. Immediate medical care, of course, is paramount. But these families need specialized attention on the future. It’s very important to clearly understand the projected costs of care, rehabilitation and altered lifestyle needs for the victim and his or her family. At-fault parties can be held liable for these expenses, and seeking compensation from insurers or through legal action must be based on accurate projections of future financial requirements.