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Burlington County injury crash statistics

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2014 | Car Accidents

Information released by the New Jersey Department of Transportation regarding injury crash statistics offers some positive outlook for drivers in Burlington County. Injury crash statistics refer to motor vehicle accidents that involve some type of injury.

The good news is that crashes involving injuries seem to have trended down over the first part of the century. Numbers for crashes with injuries for Burlington County increased from 3,215 in 2001 to 3,558 in 2004. Following 2004, however, the trend has been down except for some small year-to-year spikes where crash injuries increased by less than 100.

By 2013, injury crash numbers for the county were down to 2,989. The same trend was seen across the state; totals in 2001 were 80,828. In 2013, total injury crash numbers were 60,705. In fact, according to the New Jersey DOT numbers, every county experienced an overall drop in crash injuries reported when comparing 2001 to 2013.

It’s likely that enhanced safety mechanisms becoming common in automobiles during the first part of this century have something to do with a reduced number of accidents that cause injuries, and driver education regarding common issues such as seatbelt safety may also be impacting numbers. Whatever is reducing the number of injuries involved in auto accidents, the result is a positive outcome for New Jersey drivers.

While the numbers are going down, they haven’t even come close to zero, which means many individuals and families each year deal with accident-related injuries. One thing to keep in mind is that individuals have a right to seek compensation, especially when insurance companies or others are not forthcoming with funds to cover medical or other needs.

Source: New Jersey Department of Transportation, “Total Injury Crashes by County Statewide” Dec. 23, 2014