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Seeking accountability when recalled products cause injury

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2014 | Products Liability

Thousands of products are recalled each year by manufacturers who either voluntarily recall items that may be dangers or are made to recall defective products by regulatory agencies. It can be impossible for consumers to keep up with the number of recalls, creating situations where consumers unknowingly use dangerous products. In most cases, the manufacturer is responsible for ensuring the safety of a product, not the consumer.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls products and works to publish information about recalls. Concerned individuals can seek information about product recalls on both manufacturers’ sites or the site for the CPSC. However, by the time a defective product is recalled, it has likely already caused damage to one or more individual.

When injuries have occurred because of a dangerous or defective product, then the injured party has a right to seek compensation for damages. Damages may include medical bills, loss of wages, loss of companionship or other expenses. Understanding the intricacies of civil litigation in such cases can be important to a successful outcome. An experienced professional can help ensure the proper defendants are named in a lawsuit, for example. Defendants may include manufacturers, companies involved in making or distributing parts and even retailers that sell defective merchandise.

Our product liability page provides some information about the type of recalled products that could cause injury to you or your loved ones. From children’s toys that contain lead paint to defective auto parts that could result in a crash, products of any type can be dangerous. Reasons for injury can include a defect, poor instructions or misleading information about a product.