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Two die, 4 injured in New Jersey crash; driver charged

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2014 | Car Accidents

Reflecting on a collision that killed two and injured four, including the driver, a New Jersey State Police sergeant commented that not only were the victims not wearing seatbelts, but allowing an unrestrained 4-year-old to ride in the front seat of a pickup truck was a violation of the law. The car crash on the Atlantic City Expressway in June caused the deaths of two passengers in the cab of a pick-up truck and injured three passengers riding in the bed. The driver was also injured. All were ejected on impact.

Death by auto is one of the charges the driver now faces. According to New Jersey State Police, the woman, 45, turned herself in recently to face arraignment. Additional charges include assault by auto and endangering the welfare of a child.

The accident investigation reveals the vehicle overturned after she lost control and hit a guardrail. All six people were ejected to the roadway. The 35-year-old male passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. The child passed away a short time later after transport by helicopter. The driver was also taken to a hospital for emergency care. All three truck bed occupants were transported to a local hospital.

Physical pain, medical bills, lost earning potential and future medical care can be life-changing to someone who suffers a serious injury at the hands of another. As with injured victims, families left behind when a loved one is killed are entitled to seek compensation to help with the consequences. Criminal charges filed when an investigation concludes that negligence and/or disregard for the law played a role in the accident can strengthen the victims’ positions as they try to recover damages in civil court.

Source: NBC10 News, “Woman Charged in AC Expressway Crash That Killed 2, Including 4-year-old Boy” David Chang, Aug. 20, 2014