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Fatal New Jersey car accident leaves 1 dead, several injured

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2014 | Car Accidents

It’s likely no scenario frightens New Jersey parents more than the sudden loss of a child. When a child is killed in a car accident, families are likely to be in shock over the event. The same holds true for families who lose a loved one of any age. Even if the individual is only injured in an accident, medical bills and requirements can impact the overall function of a family for some time.

For many who survive a car accident or lose a loved one in a vehicle crash, a personal injury claim offers the chance to seek further answers about the incident. Claims also let families or injured parties recover financial damages that can help them move forward with the future once healing processes start.

One family is likely dealing with shock and grief following a three-car accident in New Jersey on June 22. According to reports, a 9-year-old girl was killed in the incident, which occurred in Burlington on Mount Holly Road.

The girl was transferred to a hospital for treatment of her injuries, but she was pronounced dead at the facility. Reports are that five other individuals inside the same car were treated at a hospital for injuries. The severity of those injuries were not reported as of June 23.

One person who was in the vehicle that struck the others was also reported as injured. Those injuries were listed as minor. Police say that charges are pending in the accident.

Investigations regarding the cause of any accident are important. In cases where a driver was negligent or at-fault for an accident that involved a fatality, criminal charges are possible. Regardless of whether criminal charges are levied, surviving victims and family members have a right to seek compensation claims.

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