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New Jersey man killed, others injured in car accident

On Behalf of | May 17, 2014 | Car Accidents

Drivers often tell themselves stories about why an accident is less likely to happen to them. People tell themselves “I’m a good driver,” or “I don’t make risky decisions.” The truth is that a car accident can happen any time you’re on the road, and it may not be under the control of your skills or decision-making.

The facts of a car accident that occurred in New Jersey on Sunday, May 11, are not yet completely clear. According to police, the accident occurred around 1:25 a.m. It involved a single vehicle that was carrying a number of passengers.

Police say the car ran into a concrete barrier. The car was traveling on the New Jersey Turnpike at the time of the incident. Authorities say three people were injured in the incident. A fourth person was killed when he was ejected from the vehicle during the collision.

Police say one male passenger suffered a neck injury in the accident. Two women who were in the car reportedly suffered injuries that were not disclosed.

Authorities report that the woman driving the vehicle at the time of the accident is accused of being drunk. They are charging her with drunk driving.

When the actions or negligence of another person leads to injury or death in a car accident, victims and families have a right to seek compensation. This is true even if the victim was in the car driven by the at-fault driver, though certain facts of the case and involvement of the victim may be considered as part of the record if the matter goes to court. No matter what the circumstances are, a successful personal injury case requires a detailed understanding of the facts.

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