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Medical malpractice can extend to dentists

On Behalf of | May 7, 2014 | Medical Malpractice

There are many reasons for personal injury lawsuits to be filed. It doesn’t matter if you live in New Jersey or any other area of the country. Seeking compensation when you’ve been injured by another person is something that our legal system supports. When the injury is proven to be caused by doctor error, medical and other needs may be provided by holding the practitioner accountable.

A medical malpractice claim filed in another state may be interesting to Burlington folks. The plaintiff requests compensation for physical and emotional pain and suffering, alleging the defendant, a dentist in practice since 1979, pulled all of his teeth unnecessarily.

The complaint alleges the then 23-year-old sought treatment for an abscessed tooth from the defendant in 2009. He claims the dentist advised that fatal blood poisoning was a risk if all his teeth were not extracted. Returning the next day, a panoramic X-ray was taken. Payment capability via the patient’s mother’s credit card was determined. The plaintiff alleges that after charging over $5,200 to the card, all 32 of his teeth were pulled.

Reportedly, a later review of the X-ray revealed that at least 28 of his teeth were recoverable, and one of those had a treatable abscess. Records show a previously filed lawsuit was dismissed in 2013, and the current action was filed with the plaintiff having new counsel According to a previous deposition, the dentist alleges the plaintiff requested all of the teeth to be pulled. The plaintiff’s attorney opined that it’s unlikely a 23-year-old would want good teeth removed, and besides, it’s questionable that a responsible dentist would do it. They allege the determination to pull the teeth was made by the defendant before the X-ray was even taken.

The plaintiff asserts that the ill-fitting dentures provided to him by the defendant aren’t wearable, and he can’t afford new ones. The complaint claims suitable implants would cost about $130,000 over his lifetime.

Doctor error, misdiagnosis and other mistakes can have long-term consequences for victims. When a skilled evaluation of circumstances supports it, medical expenses and emotional recovery are sound reasons to seek compensation in court.

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