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NJ car accident into supermarket sends three to hospital

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2014 | Car Accidents

Three people were injured when the driver of a luxury car became ill behind the wheel and plowed into a busy supermarket shortly before 2 p.m. one recent afternoon. The car accident took place at the front entrance of a Pathway supermarket in Irvington, about 20 miles west of Manhattan.

According to the Irving deputy fire chief at the scene, the driver of the Lincoln Town Car was probably a customer. He was taken along with two store workers who were injured to a nearby hospital. The male driver did not suffer a heart attack. The condition of the store employees remains unknown.

One witness said the car driver, who seemed to be in his 60s, was traveling at high speed, perhaps as fast 70 to 80 miles per hour, when his vehicle hit the Pathway front entrance. The accident left a gaping hole in the market’s front. Crews were on the property for repairs and clean up. Irvington police are continuing to investigate.

A car accident can have any number of causes ranging from the driver, reckless driving, drunk driving, failure to yield the right of way and so on, to mechanical problems, such as failed brakes. If human action or behavior contributed to a crash, then authorities may have an easy time figuring out who is at fault. If the driver involved suffered a medical emergency at the time of the crash, then responsibility for the accident will be harder to assign.

Regardless, every driver should take note that his or her health or medical condition can play a role in how they fare when on the road. A medical issue that impairs a driver’s ability behind the wheel could lead to injuries or worse for other people on the road. If that happens, the driver can face civil liabilities.

Source: CBS New York, “3 Injured When Car Plows Into Irvington, N.J. Pathmark Store,” Sandy Smith, Jan. 24, 2014