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New Jersey mother mourns son’s death in alcohol-related accident

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2014 | Drunk Driving Accidents

The loss of a loved one is a difficult event to cope with, and is often a reality that many do not want to accept. This is especially true for those taken away too soon sue to a tragic accident.

A New Jersey mother laments that her 25-year-old son would have made an excellent father. He was good to his sisters. Made sure he had time and played with his nephews and nieces. He treated her girlfriend like gold. But because of a negligent driver, the 25-year-old’s mother, family members, and friends will never know how his life would have turned out.

The son who just returned home for the holidays lost his life in an alcohol-related accident in an intersection just near the state line. He was driving along I-80 when another vehicle, driven by a presumed intoxicated 23-year-old woman drove the wrong way and collided with his vehicle.

The drunk driver as well as the man’s three female passengers sustained injuries and were transported to a hospital. They were expected to recover, however, the man was not so fortunate and died on the scene.

His mother, still reeling from the loss, hopes that the loss will serve as a reminder for young people to avoid intoxicated driving and driving while under the influence of drugs. So far, she has seen encouraging results. Social media posts from his son’s friends showed that they will think twice before engaging in such negligent driving behavior.

Beyond the statistics, a drunk driving accident can seriously alter victims’ lives and those around them. Other than the physical and emotional pain, there is also the financial challenge of making ends meet, as an injured victim will have to simultaneously pay for everyday expenses as well as medical needs. In a fatal accident, a family will have to deal with funeral expenses and can be left in a bind if the victim significantly contributed to the family’s household needs.

A negligent driver can be held liable following a fatal crash. A wrongful death suit could be filed in order to obtain compensation that could be used to cover expenses related to the accident. Those affected by a fatal crash should seek to understand their options to determine whether they have a cause of action.

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