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Hit-and-run accident slows traffic on New Jersey highway

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2013 | Car Accidents

Recently, a suspected hit-and-run accident on Route 78 eastbound near Union, New Jersey, sent a 55-year-old Pennsylvania woman to the hospital. According to the victim, the car accident occurred when a cream-colored four-door car hit hers in the left lane of the highway. The woman’s car hit a guard rail as a result of the collision, and sustained damage to both its front and rear end. The car was towed after the accident. The woman complained of neck pain and was taken to the hospital. The accident caused minor traffic delays on the highway. The driver responsible for the accident has not been identified, and the case remains under investigation.

Car accidents can occur at any time and any place, and may occur even if the driver is not distracted, intoxicated or otherwise negligent. Accidents can have enormous costs for all involved, in the form of property damage, medical bills for any injuries incurred, lost wages and all other expenses stemming from the accident.

In hit-and-run cases, such as this one, the responsible driver may never be identified. This means that the person responsible for inflicting the injury may go unpunished, and any negligent or reckless behavior engaged in will not be dealt with properly by the authorities. This is perhaps the worst kind of motor vehicle accident, because it is impossible to deal true justice to the victim without holding the alleged perpetrator accountable.

Fortunately, any victim of a motor vehicle collision is entitled to an adequate monetary compensation from their insurance company, and is also entitled to a personal injury judgment against the defendant, if identified, as well as monetary compensation in the form of damages. Anyone injured in a car accident has the legal right to seek justice and the compensation they deserve.

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